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NetbaseQuid Hacks: A Cheat Sheet on How to do Social Media Audits

BusinessNetbaseQuid Hacks: A Cheat Sheet on How to do Social Media Audits

You can advertise your business to a broad audience by posting on social media. That’s why checking in on your social media sites frequently is crucial.

Auditing your social media profiles will give you a bird’s-eye view of your strategy. In addition, it will assist you in pinpointing problem areas.

The term “audit” usually refers to financial records, but in this context, it simply means collecting and examining data from your media accounts. 

Success indicators gleaned from such an examination may include audience geographic distribution, level of participation, and other relevant data.

How to do a social media audit

Doing social media audits is simple. There’s a basic template of steps you can take to do your audit. They include the following:

1. Track down every profile you have on every social network

It is necessary to identify all current social profiles for the company. You should include in the audit any profiles your organization has developed in the past but has since abandoned.

It will be easier to keep track of everything if you indicate which accounts are operational and require immediate care and which ones can wait.

Be sure to flag any accounts that raise suspicions of fraud (accounts not set up by you) for further investigations. Do a Google and social media search for your company name to see what comes up. 

2. Ensure brand messaging and completeness

When you’ve finished keeping tabs on your social media accounts, you may go further into your brand. Thinking about the brand as if you were a current or potential buyer may be useful. Think about the following suggestions for direction:

  • Verify your handle: Take the necessary steps to have your profiles verified. You should display a verification badge to show your followers that you are who you say you are. 
  • Take note of the landing page: It should feature a cover photo reflecting your brand’s identity. Ensure the image you upload is the right size and resolution for the social media site.

3. Look for patterns between your profiles

Irrespective of the platform, it is vital to know what kind of posts resonate with your intended audience. After all, you need to comprehend what works on each specific social networking platform.

Examine the response rate of your most recent posts on each platform as part of your audit. When sharing anything online, do you prefer posting photos or videos? Does a certain type of post perform better on Instagram or Twitter?

Include this information along with the outcomes of any experiments or hypotheses you develop before the next audit. Your future social media strategy will benefit from this clarity.

4. Formulate Goals 

If you’ve already established your profiles and noticed trends in what does and doesn’t work, the next step is setting goals for each profile. 

No rule says every profile has to work toward the same thing; it’s usually more effective to set individualized goals for each platform.

A possible goal may include the following:

  • Boosting site traffic: Social media fans and followers who go over your website are excellent sources of new visitors. You can aim to boost traffic through viewers of your social media posts.

Get Help from NetbaseQuid

We at NetbaseQuid Hacks can help you to do your social media audits. NetbaseQuid stands out from other media intelligence solutions because it focuses on consumer sentiment.

Here, we zero in on CX, the ultimate goal of any sustainable enterprise. It aids clients in addressing pressing business issues, such as:

  • Perception and the state of the brand.
  • Planning and carrying out a campaign.
  • Marketing and competition analysis.

NetbaseQuid provides cutting-edge AI-enabled technology, uncovering the most critical insights from massive data sets, such as those found in social media or extensive collections of textual texts. We will help you do your social media audit effectively.

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