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Brandwatch Is Acquired By Cision For $450M, Creating a PR, Marketing

BusinessBrandwatch Is Acquired By Cision For $450M, Creating a PR, Marketing

When two giants shake hands into something, you can imagine how grand the collaboration would be! Cision acquiring Brandwatch is the biggest news of 2021 for PR and media marketing people. These two are known for their immense tech knowledge in their respective fields and their amazing creative skills. When these two companies plan to join forces, things can surely be taken to the next level.

Digital marketing platform Brandwatch has been acquired by Cision, known for its media monitoring database services, for $450 million for increasing PR marketing and managing digital marketing services in the world.

If you love Cision’s work, you will love its decision to join forces with another market giant, Brandwatch. They are the giant in the field of digital consumer intelligence and social listening as per brandwatch 450m series cision butchertechcrunch.

Brandwatch Is Acquired By Cision For $450M

In this $450 million acquisition, not only the cash and combined shares deal took place, but also Cision’s leadership in market intelligence merges hands with Brandwatch’s Machine learning technology, AI skills, and social listening skills. So now you can imagine how huge this merger is going to be. Together they can rule the market even more, and hardly anyone can give them competition in their field of business. Brandwatch’s key executive team and the minds behind the tech giant will still be on the board. The merger won’t affect their experts and how they used to work for Brandwatch.

Brandwatch has launched around 15 years ago, and the company has seen a lot of changes over the years. In 2018, Brandwatch acquired another giant in the market, Crimson Hexagon. It was another giant in the field of AI-powered consumer insights. With this takeover, Brandwatch became a market leader in social listening. With the leap of merger with Cision, it will become even bigger and can flourish even more with meaningful projects and an understanding of the market properly. Brandwatch evolved a lot over time, and with this much experience and expertise, they had to find someone worthy enough to merge with.

In today’s world, every consumer comes under the band of digital data. No matter what brand one uses, one shares a lot of data online. It is time-consuming to deal with that amount of data, analyze those and pick out the important ones, like finding a needle in a haystack. So much data is produced even over a day that AI is required to give it meaning and structure. At the end of the day, Brandwatch’s target is to find useful information from all the data produced on the internet to help its clients create more meaningful and useful businesses and make better decisions.

Brandwatch’s founder and CEO, Giles Palmer Statement

Brandwatch’s founder and CEO, Giles Palmer, said in his press release that they had created the company with so much ambition and passion. They always worked towards the betterment of their clients with a 500-employee staff strength. But now they are looking for a global presence. For that, they are taking up the challenge of a merger with the market giants. They want to bring some amazing products that can bring a real impact on the global audience. This passion for Brandwatch makes them a winner in the first place.

The Cision CEO Albert Clark’s Statement

The Cision CEO Albert Clark said in this press release that companies are shifting these days digitally, and taking social media pretty seriously when interacting with their consumers. This means the marketing, social, PR, and customer care teams should work together to serve their clients properly and successfully. Customer-led strategies should be taken, and for that, they are keen on this merger. No one understands the customers more than Brandwatch. They understand how the market is evolving, which is the key reason behind this huge merger.

Brandwatch has been doing an amazing job since its creation in Brighton. This time, they need more economic support from a market giant. Cision has good hands on the tech side too. But with 500 employees from Brandwatch and their unparalleled tech ideas and market knowledge, Cision can become a 1000-employee stronger and more creative company.

Brandwatch needed an economic backup, and Cision was looking for someone who could understand the market clearly. This merger can be one of the biggest ones in the history of marketing and PR. Buyer’s social listening solutions will now have great AI backup. With the $450 million huge deal, Brandwatch can experiment with its new ideas and can come up with something amazing in the coming years.

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