Paris-Based InterCloud Raises €100M in Series D Funding, Keeps Enterprise Network Safe

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Today, InterCloud, the leading platform in the industry for cloud connectivity, announced that Intercloud has successfully closed a Series D fundraising round for €100 million. Aleph Capital served as the round’s lead investor, and existing investors Ventech and Open CNP also participated in the funding effort.

InterCloud’s total financing now stands at 138 million euros after its most recent fundraising round. InterCloud, a firm founded in Paris in 2010, will use the funds to expand the breadth and depth of its services and support the Company’s efforts to grow internationally as per interCloud 100m Series aleph capitaltecheu.

Services Offered by Intercloud Platform

The intercloud platform Offers Reassurances Concerning the Cloud’s Capabilities in Terms of Performance, Safety, and Control.

It is becoming increasingly crucial in deciding the business agility and success of global organizations to have access to trustworthy cloud resources. Connectivity has emerged as an issue of fundamental importance for preserving data security and sovereignty in the context of an environment rapidly undergoing a digital transformation.

In this environment, network teams are required to manage the ever-changing needs of their many different business units.

Through the provision of secure, rapid, and stable network access to data and applications housed in the cloud, InterCloud’s primary objective is to introduce more software agility into the realm of connection. To do this, the most efficient data routes are chosen and managed in such a way as to ensure both performance and privacy.

The connection to data access

The Company’s private connection solution guarantees optimum, automatic, and secure end-to-end access to data and applications housed across a growing range of cloud services. The Company supplies the solution. Because of its highly developed network management abilities, stable connection backbone, and close partnerships with the most successful cloud service providers in the world, InterCloud can fulfill this objective.

Because InterCloud was a pioneer in the market when it came to the SDCI sector, it can provide its customers with a private network that is not only more flexible but also more secure.

In addition, users of InterCloud get to take advantage of all of the advantages that come with making use of cloud computing. The capacity to swiftly deploy their operations nearly anywhere in the globe, to collaborate with the biggest cloud providers in the world, and to do so while maintaining the best possible level of both performance and security are among these advantages.

Increasing the market penetration rate into new areas while fostering innovation in cloud-based services. InterCloud has been regarded as a dependable partner for providing international cloud connectivity services and software-defined interconnections by some of the most successful enterprises in Europe for a very extended period.

As a direct consequence of the investment announcement made today, the Company will start the growth of its international sales force in Europe; in the year 2022 alone, about fifty sales staff members will be employed to fill the newly created positions.

The Comments Made by the CEO

There is a significant growth opportunity in SDCI platforms worldwide, and I am thrilled to have exceptional partners in Aleph Capital to continue to expand the business, said Jérôme Dilouya, CEO of InterCloud. I am thrilled to have exceptional partners in Aleph Capital to continue to expand the business.

Hybrid Cloud platforms and services are a swiftly expanding priority for businesses all over the globe, and InterCloud is in a position that is unmatched to rapidly increase its market share.

Our investment in InterCloud is something that we feel pretty pleased about. The Company is in a fascinating position to become a market leader in the SDCI space and is already in an excellent position to do so. The founder and CEO of Aleph Capital, Hugues Lepic, and the managing director of Aleph Capital, Maneesh Sharma, made this statement.

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