Aiven Raises $100M In Series C, Led By Atomico Cloud Data Infrastructure ,

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Aiven, in a Series C funding led by Atomico, had raised $100 million recently, which takes the company’s valuation to over $800 million and the total investment to about $150 million.

Lead investors of Aiven’s Series A, Earlybird VC, and Series B, IVP had increased their funds promises to Aiven, reports state.

The funding shall expand the market, introduce new products, and develop open-source technologies. Aiven is also contemplating doubling its headcount over the next year and launching a “formal open-source program office.

”  CEO and co-founder Oskari Sareenmaa expressed his delight at the funding and said that Aiven’s mission has always been to champion open source to improve developers’ lives. The most current allocation will help us to resume adding new service abilities, grow our team, and develop into new markets, as well as significantly donate to the open-source community, Oskari added.

Aiven’s Open Source 

Headquartered in Helsinki, Aiven provides managed open-source data technologies on significant clouds. An open-source system allows its source code to be freely distributed and modified per the licenses. Reports state that in ranking database management systems, the popularity of open-source tools had shot up as opposed to other commercial systems. 

They are also a significant part of the global economy, such as home automation and retail analytics, energy metering, etc. With admission to the best Available Source technologies, Aiven produces completely managed services in the public cloud for the preferences of Apache Kafka and Cassandra.

Enterprises running in sizes from innovative startups to multinational management like Comcast, Fiverr, Vidio and others can now maintain credentials to fully functional open-source data from across the globe in minutes, with end-to-end protection, set-up, supervision, and round-the-clock monitoring across major cloud platforms.

Delivering Global Open-Source Data

Stating that Aiven will be a champion in the international economy by delivering open-source data infrastructure in minutes, Hiro Tamura, General Partner at Atomico, added, Open source agencies that Aiven shows are currently the predominant option for the data requirements of international companies because they are easy, scalable, and transparent. Given provides a vital service to solve the headaches of managing some of these incredible tools in-house and on the cloud, so developers and teams can focus on building apps, not infrastructure.”

Aiven will employ the proceeds from the contest to obtain new developments to market, improve contributions to designing open-source technologies and resume the company’s global expansion. Aiven’s creations are universally functional, and the new investment and new investors will help the company better address underserved markets. The company intends to increase its headcount the following year and establish a formal open-source program office.

Supporting Open Source

Aiven’s mission is to support open source, improving designers’ lives in all that we do, said Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and co-founder at Aiven. The current budget will allow us to continue adding new service capabilities, grow our crew, develop new markets, and contribute to the available source community.

Database Management Service

For the first time in January 2021, the use of open-source database management services outstripped that of commercial services. Open source powers every aspect of our international economy, from home mechanization and retail analytics to power metering. Many existing tools charge a heavy operating burden if managed in-house. Democratizing ticket to the best open-source technologies. Aiven delivers fully-managed services for widespread open-source assignments like Apache Kafka and Cassandra, Elasticsearch, M3, and PostgreSQL in the public cloud. Discover Similar Result – aiven 100m 800msawersventurebeat | 100m series 800msawersventurebeat

With Aiven, businesses of all sizes, from creative startups to international leaders like Comcast, Fiverr, Vidio, Wolt, and more, can have a modern, fully-functional open source data infrastructure from additional regions in the world in minutes established on their needs with end-to-end security, set-up, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring across all major public cloud platforms.

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