Wpit18- Login, Register, Dashboard, And Troubleshooting Guide

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The following platform is a safe and secure portal that enables users around the world to enjoy the Sabong fights and even place their bets on the rooster that they select. During the match, people bring their best roosters and put them in the pit for fighting against the opponent. It is basically a platform that promotes cockfighting matches. The tradition of roosters fighting is very famous in the Philippines since the historical roots of it are well connected from around 3000 years ago. In general, cockfighting matches are also referred to as Sabong tournaments. People around the globe have the opportunity to enjoy such games through live streaming and they can even bet on the players to win exciting rewards. Isn’t it interesting? 

Additionally, Wpit is the substitute for WPC which stands for the World Pitmasters Cup.

Wpit18 live

The Wpit18 live is a unique and special platform for all those people who love to watch the live Sabong Bouts and even show their maximum participation for the same. During the match, the best roosters are placed in the pit to compete against one another. Not only is it limited to live to stream, but the worldwide population also has the full authority to create their accounts by visiting the official website and starting placing a wager. The criteria are very simple. Those people who bet on the winning rooster take away a pretty huge amount of cash with them. It eventually seen as a source of enjoyment by the people of the Philippines. However, other countries have banned such platforms since they think that animal brutality promoted on a higher level. 

Wpit18 Dashboard

As of now, the mobile application of Wpit live is easily available online. Try to download and install the very latest version of the same. 

If trying to access the Wpit18 dashboard through the help of a web browser, ensure that you have the most recent security updates installed and that cookies enabled too.

If the following portal asks you to sign up or register, make sure that you have already created one. In case, if the password has lost or forgotten, try these simple steps:

  1. Try to change your password by visiting “My Account” and selecting the “Reset Password” link.
  2. If some issues are arising with the same, we have some other options to offer you as well that include:
  • The “Sign In” link situated at the top of the homepage of our website wpit18 com dashboard
  • To have a new password sent to your email address, click the “Forgot Your Password?” option on the login screen.

About Wpit18 and its features on online

Worldwide, people like to play various kinds of games for entertainment, and in the early period. There were several games involving animals. So, the rooster fights are among the many people who like to participate, and they also bread unique varieties of roosters for these kinds of games. But these kinds of animal fights are illegal in most countries. Even though some countries, like the Philippines, are following these Wpit18 live games.

So, most people in the Philippines who are fans of rooster fights will know about this Wpit18 website which provides various features for the viewers and players. However, this rooster fights in an old game. Many people like to view them even now, and that particular viewership market is the aim of this website. So, people who need to see rooster fight can consider this website which is easy to access.

Wpit18 com register

The Wpit18 com registration process is as simple as changing the wallpaper of your mobile device. It includes certain steps that mentioned below:

  • Simply go to the official website of Wpit18 com registration. 
  • Just after visiting the website, search for the option, “create the new account” and tap on the same. 
  • A form will then appear on the screen and your name, mobile phone number, age, profession, and other essential credentials have to inserted during this step. 
  • When all the details get mentioned by you, just click on the submit form button and chill on your sofa till the form gets the final approval. 
  • By following all the above-mentioned steps, your account will surely gonna get created after some time. If, in case, you are still dealing with some issues, just contact WhatsApp as well as the Viber number that is mentioned on the site. 

Features available with the Wpit18 website

This website is the best option for people who like viewing real-time rooster fights live. The options available on this website will help people view the event from the comfort of their homes and allow them to place bets on roosters to profit while seeing the game. People who need to participate in this game can register with their rooster on the website.

The betting option available on the website will help people to entertain, and it also helps them to gain money through entertainment. Most people in the Philippines like to participate in and view rooster fights and also want to bet on roosters. So, these Wpit18 & WPC2025 websites make the process simpler and help people get easy access to view the game. The roosters and their owners will get more money and special prices for their victory.

The easy interactive user interface will make this website suitable for everyone and simplify the betting process with basic designs. This website provides better features to the users, and people with 100 points on the site will only have access to bet in the rooster fights. The modernization of rooster fights makes people happier and entertains them in various ways.

Advantages Of Wpit18

If we look more closely and try to analyze, there are numerous advantages of Wpit18 which include:

  • It is a traditional way of entertainment for the people of the Philippines. 
  • You can live stream the sabong matches easily by creating an account on Wpit18 live and even placing bets on the roosters.
  • It gives you a quick way to finish signing up for the Wpit18 and participating in the competition.
  • People around the globe completely trust that this website is totally secure since it supported by legislation.
  • By registering yourself on the official website, you have the opportunity to take part in the contest and perhaps win huge cash prizes as well.


What kind of rewards given to the players who participate in the Wpit18?

Those who place their bets receive heavy cash prizes only if their selected rooster wins the match. 

Is Cockfighting considered legal in the Philippines?

Absolutely. In fact, it is a traditional game that has promoted by the people of the Philippines since around 3000 years ago. Although, cockfighting matches indeed promote animal cruelty. Still, the population of the Philippines is totally fine with it. 


So, people who need to participate in rooster fights can use this Wpit18 website. Which is easy to access and has several attractive features. Similarly, this site provides more benefits for the users, and most people in the Philippines trust this website for genuine rooster fight bettings. Many users and players worldwide trust the transactions available on this website and have a better view of this rooster fight website.

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